the Manuscript


Das Rätselspiel Manuskript mobile für Grossgruppen, spielbar schweizweit

A manuscript whose existence was long unknown is now in danger of falling into the wrong hands. Unsuspecting Olaf is given the task of protecting the manuscript on his father's deathbed. Set off on an adventurous quest with Olaf. But watch out, time is running out...


The team challenge is location-independent. The game is played simultaneously by the whole group in small teams and is staged by our game master at the location of your choice. An interactive escape game full of fun, games and excitement.

Location: All of Switzerland

Group size:

20 to 80 People

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
Game mode: Teamchallenge
Language: EN/DE/FR
  Trilingual within one group
Price/person: CHF 45.00 (from 20 People)
  CHF 42.00 (from 33 People)
  CHF 38.00 (from 50 People)
Travel costs: according to expenditure

Our recommendation:

Looking for a suitable locations? Here are some of our partners located Central Switzerland.


The event was a complete success! After some initial scepticism, everyone succumbed to the shared guessing fever!!! A compliment to Carmen! She did a great job of organising the event with flair and a good dose of mischief, and the time flew by!!!


Barbara from Würenlos, 2024

Pictures say more than a thousand words...

Thank you very much for the very successful evening at Gartenhaus1313 - we felt MEGA comfortable and the feedback from everyone involved was very positive. I can warmly recommend you to others.


Jochen from Alpnach Dorf, 2024

We were able to spend an exciting, entertaining and fun event in our self-chosen location. We all really enjoyed the puzzles. Many thanks for this cool event. We're still talking about it in the staff room.


Sven from Beromünster, 2023

THANK YOU for the uncomplicated appearance, moderation and entertainment. The counselling was excellent. The two organisers were competent and accompanied us very attentively. It was a great morning that was fun for everyone.


B.C. from Würenlos, 2023

Thank you very much for your commitment - the response was consistently positive and the effect was that different groups of people had something to do with each other and got to know each other. THANK YOU for the uncomplicated appearance, moderation and entertainment. Gladly again.


Nicole from Reiden, 2023

The apprentice outing almost had to be cancelled again. However, with the mobile version of the game, we were able to organise an exciting event at our company headquarters. The apprentices and vocational trainers were challenged and encouraged with the escape game. Thank you very much for the great production.


Anna-Lisa from Winterthur, 2023

We played the game as a team challenge with 70 people and were thrilled. Everyone was able to contribute their skills and make a personal contribution to solving the puzzles. Many thanks also to the fantastic game organisers who guided us through the evening.


Beat from St. Gallen, 2023

Travelling to Solothurn with the local council, the game master surprised us after lunch with a fun afternoon. During the journey home, solutions were still being discussed - an experience that will live long in the memory. Many thanks for your commitment*.


Nadia from Monthey, 2023

* Translated from French

Nobody thought of an escape game during our team outing. The team from SwissLocalTravel surprised us on our company premises and whisked us away to another world. We were all immediately immersed in the story and could hardly wait to get started. An unforgettable experience! Thank you very much.


Nicole from Solothurn, 2023

On our club trip with 80 people, we combined the Escape Factory with a beer tasting. As the saying goes, first the work, then the pleasure. We were quickly mesmerised by the game and the beer was soon forgotten ;) I can only recommend the story.


Reto from Bern, 2023